KINGDOM OF THE YOUNG - selected short fiction/nonfiction coming out in 2017

"This gorgeous, audacious novel goes far beyond a story of two girls… Meidav is an American original.”— Anne Trubek

“A clock-ticking thriller and a maximal social novel.” —San Francisco Weekly

"A carnal vapor infuses every provocative page of this unorthodox psychological crime thriller."
- Betsey van Horn

"When you get down to it, no one ever sees anyone truly," says Vic Mahler, former college professor/​charismatic leader and current Death Row inmate. "Tell me I'm wrong." This fabulous follow-up to Meidav's "Crawl Space" plunges us headlong into the blind spot where loved ones lose sight of one another. Meidav is deeply wise about people, with an uncanny, near-clairvoyant empathy for a wild range of characters. Her forensics of the first love between two teenagers, the Lolas, will ring true to everyone who has ever visited the turbulent dreamland of California, or come of age in tandem with a best friend. Music pulses through every line of Meidav's seductive, feverishly beautiful novel.
—Karen Russell

"Edie Meidav's LOLA,CALIFORNIA captures an entire era of complex America, a swath of cultural time, with such amazing detail and crisp observation, even as she plumbs the depths of what it is to be a daughter, a friend, a profound searcher."
– Bradford Morrow


'Romance' in the fall 2015 issue of Conjunctions

'King of Bubbles' in the spring 2015 issue of The Common

Cuban and Latin American fiction: "The Buddha of the Vedado", "Dog's Journey" and "From the Dung Beetle's Perspective" in recent or upcoming issues of Conjunctions

Nonfiction "Cuba+Kids-Water" and "The Dead Ones" in recent issues of Zyzzyva

Abe's Penny, Brooklyn-based literary journal distributed via postcards: 4-part piece published in conjunction with photography

Interview with Leela Corman for The Millions