John Cage

Meidav's improvised spoken-word collaboration with the written score left by John Cage in the Cage archives is maintained by the Slought Foundation of Philadelphia. Listen here.

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Kevin Salem

Years-long collaborator in the creation of musical scores including Lola, California and Kingdom of the Young.

  • Visit Kevin's website for more about his work

  • Listen to an interview between KS and EM on Kingdom of the Young

  • EM and KS interview each other at largehearted boy

  • Hear music KS created in collaboration with EM’s Bard College students

Radius MFA

With collaborating graduate writers, EM began Radius MFA, a storytelling project at the UMass Amherst MFA for Poets and Writers. The goal of Radius is to reach out and offer narrative skills so that undertold stories are created by community members and heard in a wider world. Radius partners with New England Public Radio, the Care Center in Holyoke, the Center for Chemical Innovation at UMass, and others.

Learn more at

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Swarm & Spark

Plug for a friend’s column: Swarm and Spark welcomes letters about anything that has plagued, confounded, pleased or troubled you about your life in and around literature.

Confessions, complaints, queries: